Karura Voices: Wimbo Wa Sifa & Momentum

Karura Voices: Wimbo Wa Sifa & Momentum

Karura Voices released a double header with two albums titled Wimbo Wa Sifa & Momentum, featuring original heartfelt worship and praise songs. It has been an incredibly difficult but fruitful journey to get to this point and we are glad that these albums have been able to touch lives and bless hearts. From songs like ‘Kwako Yesu’ to “Ewe Bwana” and ‘The Lord is Good’ the band takes us on the journey of being a Christ follower through melodic rhythms emotional lyrics and well produced sound, a combination made available by the longevity and familiarity of the band members.

The albums highlights what true authentic worship means to Karura Voices.

See Karua Voices catalogue here.

Worship is not a special event or any sequence of them. Worship is fundamental to humankind itself, so much so, that we must assume that it goes on all the time, all around us, inside of us, and, in a paradoxical way, in spite of us. Worship does not just apply to specific religious activities – In a way that goes beyond nameable liturgical activities, it applies to our deepest expressions — many of them left unseen or unsaid —of our worldview.