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40 Days of Prayer - Spiritual Emphasis Campaign
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Spiritual Emphasis Campaign – 40 Days of Prayer

The Spiritual Emphasis campaign means that the church family focuses on the same spiritual themes for a concentrated period of time, in this case, 7weeks.

Spiritual Emphasis Campaign is a church-wide study on a specific area eg. Prayer where the adults, youth, and children engage in unified prayer, and the same teaching in order to grow together. You can prepare through
 READ – Buying a book at Ksh.600. You can buy a copy for someone who may not be able to get one.
 LISTEN by attending our services for the next 7 Sundays or joining us online. Invite as many to Church this season. Find the sermons here
 DISCUSS – Sign-up to join a CLG in case you are not in one at the info desk or email Mobilize your CLGs to gather as
well. Find CLG resources here
 MEMORIZE. We will be sharing memory verses every week as we grow in God’s word
 DO – practice what you learn every week.

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