Compassion & Social Justice Ministry

1. Tumaini Scholarship & Mentorship Programme

The program was founded in July 2011 in response to a growing need for academic support, to under resourced children within the church environs. The program has grown in capacity, providing scholarships to 38 beneficiaries in secondary schools. We endeavor to be agents of life transformation to these children and their families by providing each child with mentorship. To support this program, individuals and Community Life Groups can engage in various ways:
1. Volunteer a day to visit a student in school or at home
2. Volunteer a day to sit and talk to a student during our mentorship events in April; August and December
3. Volunteer to help with raising funds for the Program
4. Support a student for one year as a CLG- (if you are 10 members in your CLG, this works to 500/- per person per month for 12 months
5. Donate to the Scholarships and Mentorship Fund on a monthly basis- you can do MPESA; Standing Order or Cheque
6. Link us to an organization or company that can help us support our children.

2.Medical Camp & Community Health Week

The annual Medical Camp offers an opportunity for the sick in the communities around us who have little or no access to medical care to receive such care. The goal for the camp is to address health issues that often hinder the poor from productive work.

The Objectives of the Medical Camp & Community Health Week include:

1.       Provision of free medical check-ups by medical professionals and students.

2.       Provision of free medicine after proper diagnosis.

3.       Promote importance of hygiene and show relationship between health and hygiene

4.       Sex, drugs and substance abuse education

5.       Carry an unbiased survey on the prevalent diseases and factors leading to their predominance

6.       Create a dossier of patients with chronic diseases but cannot afford medical care and work with sponsors and               mission hospitals to provide free / subsidized medical treatment and surgery.

7.       Provide vaccines for pediatrics

How can I and my CLG be involved?!                     

1.       Volunteer your skills as a doctor during the Medical Camp (Sat 8am to 3pm)

2.       Volunteer your skills as a facilitator during the Health & Hygiene week (Tuesday to Thursday)

3.       Volunteer your Skills as a Nurse during the Medical Camp (Sat 8am to 3pm)

4.       Volunteer your car for deliveries pick up (Friday & Saturday)

5.       Volunteer your car to transport Health & Hygiene facilitators  (Tuesday to Thursday)

6.       Volunteer to assist the various departments during the camp e.g. Hospitality; Crowd control; etc.

7.       Volunteer your van/bus for transporting volunteers

8.       Donate drugs and supplies  for the Medical Camp

9.       Donate money to the program- through MPESA; Standing Order or Check

10.    Link us with your organization/company to acquire support for the camp

3.Dorcas (Benevolence) Ministry

The goal of the Dorcas Ministry is to assist the needy within a 10-mile radius of our church to reconcile their relationship with God, with self, with others, and with the rest of creation so that they can fulfil their calling of glorifying God by working and supporting themselves and their families with the fruit of their work. In achieving this purpose, the Dorcas Ministry applies two approaches:

Relief- we provide urgent and immediate assistance to the needy e.g. food, clothing etc. Release- we collaborate with the church members and other partners to find and execute viable and sustainable activities together that provide transformation. These activities are pointed towards alleviating poverty.

How can I and my CLG get involved?

1.       Volunteer 2-3 hours a week to visit an elderly or sick person (s)

2.       Volunteer 2-3 hours a week to visit an economically challenged family

3.       Donate Kshs. 500/- to provide food to the hungry amongst us (get details from the Church Foyer)

4.       Donate food and cloth items to our Dorcas Room still for the above

5.       Volunteer 3 hours a week to teach employability skills to job seekers.

6.       Volunteer 3 hours a week to train on entrepreneurship.

7.       Volunteer 3 hours a week to help out on the farm & greenhouse

8.       Volunteer 1 hour on Sunday to help with the vegetables sales

9.       Volunteer 2 hours a week (Wednesday) to assist in the Dorcas service

10.    Support (rent & food) an elderly person (s) with your CLG for 3,000/- a month for 1 year.

11.    Support an unemployed youth go through vocational training for one year @ 3,000/- a month.

4.Karura Youth Sports (KYSA)

Our vision is to have transformed youth, serving and leading with love and integrity, in environmentally sustainable and God-centered communities.


The objectives of KYSA are:

1.       Offer the youth in our neighboring communities a sporting chance.

2.       Conduct environmental activities in our communities e.g. clean ups, tree planting, etc.

3.       Train and sensitize members of our neighboring communities on social issues through workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.

4.       Conduct character building activities of the youth in line with Christian values.


How can I and my CLG be involved?!

1.       Volunteer to visit a team 2-3 hours a week

2.       Volunteer to plant trees with a team March/April & October

3.       Volunteer to do clean ups with a team- once a month

4.       Volunteer to teach a lesson on good character to a team on Saturday 2pm-5pm

5.       Donate to the program on a monthly basis- you can do MPESA; Standing Order or Check.

6.       Link us to an organization or company that can help us support our children.

In any way that you would like to engage with the Social Justice Ministry, you can always find us at the Main Sanctuary foyer; or contact Henry- 0773-500-691 or

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