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Karura Community Chapel is a non-denominational congregation started in January 1996 as a plant of the Nairobi Chapel.  The church was started by a team of six people, who formed the Interim Leadership, and a core group, committed to the plant out of the mother church, of about thirty adults.  This team met for about 3 months prior to the plant and worked together in developing a philosophy of ministry, purpose statement, name of the church, ministry plan, and so on prior to the launch of the Church on 7th January, 1996 at the Gigiri Kindergarten, just behind the popular Village Market.  The first group of about 30 registered members was received in May 1996. 

In April, 1997 the Church graduated from having Interim Leadership to an elected Elders Board, and the Pastor was inducted in 1998.  The Church adopted its Constitution in October, 2000 and was registered under the Societies Act in 2006.  In November, 2001 God gave the Church its Vision, “Every Life Transformed By Christ”.  In 2002, He provided a venue that is more accessible and allows for the growing expression of His ministry in the Karura Closeburn area. 

From its inception, the Church, as suggested by the ‘community’ in its name, has had as its primary target those within the 10 km geographical area. The church has grown to an average attendance of over 1600 congregants, as at November 2015, and her catchment area mainly comprises of Runda, Gigiri, Ruaka, Ndenderu and other urban areas along and off Limuru Road, Muchatha and Banana.

There are several ministries and administrative departments, including the pastoral team, through which the church delivers its services. The ministry departments are: Worship, Evangelism & Missions, Compassion & Social Justice, Children, Youth, and Adult Fellowship,.  The administrative departments are: Administration & Operations, Finance & Accounts and Communication. The Pastoral Team consists of the Senior Pastor, the Executive Pastor, and the Ministry heads of department.


“Becoming Christ-like disciples engaging the world”

Mission Statement

“To be a worshiping community, helping one another to be obedient to God’s Word and to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ in a needy world”

Core Values

The Core Values of the Church are expressed in the following statement of the Church DNA :

  1. Commitment to the Great Command to love God and to love our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37)
  2. Commitment to Biblical transformation (Rom. 12:1,2; Col. 1:28,29)
  3. Commitment to empowering leadership (Ephesians. 4:11,12) (open, unthreatened, team oriented, unity seeking, willing to pass on to others)
  4. Commitment to Contextual Relevance (1 Cor. 9:19 to 23)
  5. Commitment to Church Planting (Matt. 28:19,20)

Becoming Christ like disciples, engaging the world. Karura Chapel Vision

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